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Yellow Rose of Texas
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  Clarissa Harris MacIntosh
  Taken in Janetta's room


"Treat your body with kindness.
It is the place where your mind and spirit live."


NATURE'S CRADLE COMFORT tm Buckwheat Hull and Flaxseed PILLOWS
Relieve stress; soothe pain; protect neck, spine, and back alignment; increase comfort while reading, traveling, reclining, or sleeping with a NATURE'S CRADLE COMFORT tm Buckwheat Hull or Flaxseed-filled pillow.  Custom-made with your special needs in mind.  Medical line of products feature 100% cotton double and/or water-resistant liners.
Our NATURE'S CRADLE COMFORT tm products have been tested (heated, chilled, and room temperature) and found to enhance the ability of people to relieve stress and pain associated with chronic conditions such as: migraine headaches; allergies; fibromyalgia; back, neck and joint pain; arthritis; autoimmune deficiency; users of C-PAP equipment; and people recovering from surgery involving shoulders, back, neck, ankles, legs, arms.

What makes NATURE'S CRADLE COMFORT tm Pillows superior to less expensive products on the market?

  • Individually hand-made with double stitched construction
  • Removable, washable covers of 100% cotton, velour, or silk
  • Additional covers may be purchased separately
  • Beautiful high quality designer fabrics
  • Matching custom-made gift sets in a variety of shapes are available
  • Hand-sifted buckwheat hull filling (crushed for softer comfort)
  • Organic flaxseed filling (could actually be eaten, in a pinch!)
  • Pillows may be microwaved for heat, or chilled for added comfort
  • Guaranteed for quality of workmanship and fit
  • MADE IN AMERICA (Licensed by PA Bureau Upholstery/Bedding)
  • Fast delivery/pickup at place of purchase (save shipping costs)
  • One-week delivery--Custom orders and mail orders available

Available through medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, health stores, medical supply houses, and/or by special order directly from designer/creator.

Clarissa MacIntosh                  Telephone: (610) 838-7476
35 Kiernan Avenue
Hellertown PA, 18055-1015

Plus bags for wheelchairs, hospital bed rails.  Clothing for the handicapped.


These Bedrail Caddies could be used to store any items needed at arm's length, and are machine washable.


Lady Janetta Ruth Harris Pendragon
This dress I am wearing is one that Clarissa made.


This wheelchair-accessible eating table was designed and constructed by my half-brother James H. Weaver.

PRICE LIST and ORDER FORM available upon request